2014 Winter Waiver Wire

2014 WWW:

Dates have been set by our commissioner. I will try to conduct this year's WWW through the Strat Draft website. I will post a set of instructions here prior to the WWW.

Date Action
Done! Ken to post WWW selection instructions.
Done! List of players to Ken by 6pm.
Done! WWW player list from Ken to each team by the end of the evening.
Saturday, 2/8 WWW officially begins at 9am PDT. 
Monday, 2/10 Completed WWW

WWW Selection Instructions:

Note: We're going to try using Strat Draft for the WWW this year due to numerous potential future advantages; however, we should use email as a back up plan because it's not clear how Strat Draft will really work. Please refer back to our website for changes in instructions as the WWW procedes. The players available for the WWW will be loaded on Strat Draft on Tuesday night. You will all be administrators, but please don't change the settings.

Main Plan: The auction will be open on Saturday at 9am. Log onto your account by using the login and password information sent to you via email. You should see you team logo in the center of the page under the time clock. When it is your turn to select a player, click "Draft Players" and then either "Batters" or "Pitchers" depending on who you are selecting. Click on the "Draft" symbol associated with the player you are selecting and he should be added to your team.

Back-up Plan: Please send out an email to everyone in the league indicating your selection. The next team will be on the clock and I will update the website periiodically.

2014 WWW: Final Results

Team Selection
Old Team
Old $
Old Contract length
New $
New Contract Length
  ROUND #1            
Pebble Beach Hanigan, Ryan VBS $7 2014* $4 2015
Las Vegas

Bonifacio, Emilio+

SCT $1 2016* $1 2016
Princeville Pass          
Lancaster Barney, Darwin LVB $4 2015* $2 2015
Bay Area Pass          
St. Louis Kennedy, Ian LVB $16 2014* $8 2015
Virginia Beach Pass          
Arizona Turner, Jacob VBS $3 2014 $2 2015
Santa Barbara Schierholtz, Nate* AZL $5 2014* $3 2015
Augusta Morales, Kendrys+ PBC $17 2015* $9 2015
Chicago Pass          
Southern Cal Rollins, Jimmy+ AGN $12 2014 $6 2015
ROUND #2          
Pebble Beach Callaspo, Alberto+ SBM $8 2015* $4 2015
Las Vegas Pass          
Princeville Pass          
Lancaster Pass          
Bay Area Pass          
St. Louis Ramirez, Erasmo PBC $14 2015* $7 2015
Virginia Beach Pass          
Arizona Broxton, Jonathan BAG $5 2015* $3 2015
Santa Barbara Pass          
Augusta Pass          
Chicago Lindstrom, Matt AGN $1 2015* $1 2015
Southern Cal Hamilton, Josh* CHI $32 2015* $16 2015
  ROUNDS 3-6            
1 Virginia Beach George Kotteras CHI $1 2015* $1 2015
2 Bay Area Jason Motte CHI $1 2014* $1 2015
3 St. Louis Starlin Castro VBS $11 2014* $6 2015
4 St. Louis Brandon Morrow LVB $14 2014* $7 2015
5 St. Louis Josh Beckett PBC $8 2014* $4 2015


WWW Rules:

2.15Winter Waiver Wire (WWW). During the time period after card values are released and the cut lists are due, the Commissioner shall convene a WWW process. During this process teams may choose to make one or more of their players available for the WWW. Once the list of players on the WWW is published, the teams will take turns selecting a player or passing in Priority Order (as defined in section 4). Each team has as long as 24 hours to select a player or pass (or be deemed to have passed), although it is hoped that the process will move much more quickly than that. A team that passes can select a player for up to 24 hours after the time they passed, at which point their pass becomes permanent. The process shall last for an unlimited number of rounds.

2.16 Winter Waiver Wire Impact on Contract Values. When a player is selected on the WWW, the purchasing owner shall have the player’s contract reduced by 50% (rounded up as always). The contract expiration date shall remain unchanged except that a contract with only one year remaining may be increased by one year (such announcement to be made at the time of the WWW selection). The new team will not have RFA rights. The team that released the player in the WWW process shall make a severance payment to the player equal to half of what the severance payment would have been under the contract had the player been cut (rounded up, but in all cases there will be a savings of at least $1 from the cost to cut the player). Term Cut and Full Cut options will apply as contained elsewhere in the rules.

2.17 Michael Pinieda Rule. A player who has had his contract reduced by 50% by the WWW process is not eligible to be placed on IR status for the upcoming season. He may be placed in the minors at full price but may not receive the 75% salary reimbursement

2.18 Unselected Winter Waiver Wire Players. Any player put up for the WWW that is not selected remains on their current team until the cut date, at which time the owner can cut the player per standard rules or force the player to accept a new salary level equal to the amount described in Rule 2.16. By forcing a 50% pay cut on the player, the team shall lose any Restricted Free Agent rights, and the player’s contract expiration date may not be changed in this process.

2.19 Richard Hidalgo Rule - Part 2. No conspiracy. A player who is put on the WWW by one team may not be claimed off the WWW by another team of the same ownership. Further, any player claimed on the WWW that is subsequently cut during the same offseason will cost the new team the cut cost of the ORIGINAL contract.

2019 PCL Awards:

2020 PCL Tournament Champs: Bay Area Giants

2019 Champs: Las Vegas Bandits

2019 MVP Voting:

MVP: Ronald Acuna, CHI

Cy Young: Jacob deGrom, LAN


C: Wilson Ramos, AGN

1b: Tie: Freddie Freeman, CHI and David Freeze, BAG

2b: Jose Altuve, Utah

SS: Trevor Story, SCT

3b: Alex Bregman, Utah

OF: Ronald Acuna, CHI

OF: Mookie Betts, CDS

OF: JD Martinez, AGN

Manager: Gordon

GM: Gordon

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